Fertility Coaching

  • I recently expanded my practice to include infertility coaching, which is separate and distinct from therapy. After years in the perinatal profession, I found that there seemed to be an area of need for those struggling with infertility, separate from mental health diagnoses. The notion of individuals feeling like a “ping pong ball” getting bounced from clinics, providers, and other holistic healers in their journey seemed to be common among many. Also, I would often hear individuals feeling like “just a number” in line at the fertility clinic or on hold with their insurance provider, rather than feeling like they had full access and connection with their various providers.
  • For coaching clients, I strive to fill in those gaps. My goal in providing infertility coaching is to help streamline the process of the fertility journey. We work together to manage all the providers, come up with a clear plan, and it is my passion within this role to walk hand-in-hand through the process with you (and your partner if you wish).
  • It is important to note that in the coaching relationship, we do not treat medically necessary mental health concerns; there are no diagnoses, and there is no mental health treatment. In contrast, in therapy we treat mental health concerns, symptoms and diagnoses. In order to maintain the integrity of each distinct relationship there is no cross-over between infertility coaching and mental health therapy.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact me via email or phone for a consultation!